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"Support Ande. Sponsors to EFSA and Official Suppliers of line for the European Line Class Championships".

Don't give him Line.......
Give him ANDE
More than 1,000 IGFA World Records

Andee Monofilament

ANDE has been providing the finest in monofilament fishing line to anglers throughout the world for over 40 years! Our reputation has been built and maintained solely because ANDE has always stood up under every conceivable fishing condition and situation. We hold over 1,000 IGFA World Records. Many of these records represent outstanding catches throughout the history of IGFA. ANDE offers two monofilaments: Premium and Tournament in tests that range from 2 lb to 400 lb.

We are very proud of our products our reputation and all the anglers who put their trust in ANDE.

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We will continue to provide the very best in quality monofilament fishing line for today's anglers.

We thank all the anglers who use our products; they are, and always will be, our best salesmen. Good Fishing!

Visit the ANDE website www.andemonofilament.com

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