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EFSA European Boats and Line Class Championships Helsingor 2005

EFSA European Boats and Line Class Championships Helsingor 2005The town of Helsingor in Denmark, north of Copenhagen was the venue for the 2005 Championships. The town is only one mile away from Helsingborg in Sweden across the narrow strait between the two countries at the southern end of the Kattegat and this was where the fishing took place.
The majority of competitors were staying at the LO Centre where the excellent facilities were enjoyed by all, particularly the good food and fellowship.

The absence of herring in numbers meant that the cod were feeding on the bottom and the normal pirk fishing proved to be less successful. With the cod proving elusive, the skippers had to look for other species, in particular flatfish. Dabs were the most prominent but flounders, plaice, brill and turbot were caught during the event. Whiting, gurnard, mackerel and garfish were also landed.

European Line Class Championship Results

  1. Per Skoglund, Sweden
  2. Derek Yuille, Scotland
  3. Alf Szajbel, Sweden
  4. Mike Smith, England
  5. Neils Jorgenson, Denmark
  6. Charlie Lara, Gibraltar
  7. Roland Larsson, Sweden
  8. Jim Whippy, England
  9. Niklas Neilson, Sweden
  10. Marie Svesson, Sweden

European Boat Championship Result

  1. Ray Barron, England , 3OOpts
  2. Niels Jorgensen, Denmark, 297
  3. Sixten Dahlbun, Sweden, 296
  4. Niklas Neilson, Sweden, 295
  5. Michael Anderson, Denmark, 292
  6. Thor Rasmussen, Denmark, 289
  7. Neil Bryant, England, 282
  8. Ernest Borrell, Gibraltar, 277.12
  9. Heiko Dreier, Ireland, 277.11
  10. David Proudfoot, Scotland, 275

Pairs Champions; Ray Barren & Neil Bryant, England.

International teams

  1. Sweden 'A'
  2. England'A' (Neil Bryant, Ray Barren, Colin Searles, Paul Hart, Richard Russell)
  3. Ireland 'B' (Heiko Dreier, Roy Shipway, Tommy Squires, Paddy Bums.)
  4. Denmark 'B'
  5. Italy .'A'
  6. England'B'
  7. Scotland'A'
  8. Sweden 'B'

Most points over 5 days

  1. Neils Jorgensen, Denmark, 497 (out of a possible 500)
  2. Niklas Neilson, Sweden, 484
  3. Ray Barron, England, 477
  4. Mike Smith, England, 473
  5. Thor Rasmussen, Denmark, 470
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