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European Species Championships

Penarth, South Wales 2004
For the second time this year, relatively, the weather relented for an E.F.S.A. European event when the 2004 European Species Championships, the nominated species being Cod, was fished out of Penarth, South Wales on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of November. Although the entry was low, four countries were represented, England, Germany, Scotland and the host nation Wales. 30 Anglers fished off 4 boats, catching a total of 96 Cod, 32 on Day 1 and 64 on Day 2 with no competitor blanking on both days. In this catch and release event, the winner being decided on overall length over the two days, everybody had a chance even if they did not catch on the first day. The size of Cod caught varied from the biggest at 82cm, weighing some 9kg, to the smallest at just 15cm, not weighed for obvious reasons, most being between 38 to 50cm.

On Day 1, two of the boats didn't manage to find many Cod only 2 being caught on the Emily Louise and 5 on the Leah James. Welsh Lady fared a little better with 9 but Lady Helen managed to find 16 for her anglers allowing Bryn Roberts, despite his very welsh name he hails from England, to romp into the lead with 6 fish for 314 points from another two Englishmen, both with 4 fish each, Mike Smith on Welsh Lady with 182 points and Martin Bobbett, also on the Lady Helen, with 150 points. However, as things were to prove, these totals were not unassailable and everyone, even the 12 that didn't catch, eagerly looked forward to the second day, when, unusually, according to the local anglers fishing the event, numbers of Cod boated doubled the Day 1 total. The longest fish on Day 1 also went to Bryn with a Cod of 81cm, which when weighed on board was 18lb plus. The smallest belonged to Dave Clark, also of England, with an 18cm specimen but this was to be undercut by a few anglers on Day 2.

PenarthDay 2 dawned still and sunny as the boats set off in search of Cod. Once again the Lady Helen did the business finding 22 Cod for her competitors, but the other boats were not to be outdone with Welsh Lady equalling this number and Leah James not far behind with 15, a distinct improvement on her day 1 performance. Unfortunately, for those aboard the Emily Louise it was a struggle once again but, whilst she managed to better the previous day's score, this was only a disappointing 5 fish. Martin Bobbett, on the Leah James, had another good day boating 7 fish for a daily points total of 365, which was to give him the Gold Pin with 515. On Welsh Lady, Bryn was finding the going a lot tougher than on day 1 only managing 1 fish for 50 points, but was enough to keep him from dropping out of the pins altogether, finishing in third so getting the Bronze Pin with 364. However, on the same boat as Bryn, Welshman Allen Symmonds, was having a blinder. Having only caught 2 on day 1 for 89 points, he, like Martin, also managed to boat 7 Cod on day increasing his points total by 348 to 437, enough to take him into second and the Silver Pin. On Lady Helen on the second day, the star was Ashley Currier, also from England, one of those unfortunate enough to blank on Day 1, but he had too much to do. However, he did manage to persuade 6 fish to give themselves up for 289 points, which propelled him from nowhere into fourth. The longest fish on Day 2 went to the man catching the smallest on the first day, Dave Clark but, whilst on Lady Helen, Welsh section President and captain of the Welsh B team, Reno Rinesto managed to equal the smallest fish on Day 1, on Welsh Lady first John O'Connor and then Granville Braham, both from Wales, caught even smaller Cod of 16 and 15cm respectively.

PenarthSo, as previously stated, Martin Bobbett won the Gold Pin with Allen Symmonds taking the Silver from Bryn Roberts with the Bronze. In the International team event, England won the Gold with 1122 points. the team of Mike Smith, Paul Hart, Ashley Currier, Bryn Roberts and Gary Galbraith. In Silver medal position was Wales B, comprising Rod Adamson, Hayden Cole, Erik Lanfear, John O'Connor and Reno Rinesto, with 527 points. The Welsh A Team of Granville Braham, Pat Cawley, Mike Chadwick, Stan Kucyj and Brian Travers finished in Bronze Medal position with 519 points. In the teams of 2, Allen Symmonds and Martin Bobbett took Gold with 952 points from Silver Medal Winners Bryn Roberts and Dennis Davies (Wales) with 504 points with Granville Braham and Ashley Currier taking the Bronze with 465 points. In the teams of three, Gold was won by, Allen Symmonds, Ashley Currier and Dennis Davies, with 866 points, from Martin Bobbett, Paul Hart and Richard Winchester (Wales) in Silver with 661 points with Bryn Roberts, Rod Adamson and Tina Lustig (Wales) narrowly losing out to take Bronze with 658 points. In the Life Members event, Gold went to Gary Galbraith, from Dennis Davies, in Silver, with Dave Clark in Bronze.

Top Skipper was Steve Jones on the Lady Helen.

Top Boat; Blizzy
Heaviest Flatfish; Redgy Decat, Belgium, Plaice, 0.92kg
Top Senior; Andre De Clerq, Belgium, 131.01%
Top Lady; Ria Van Ranst, Belgium, 141.74%
Top Junior; Wendy Machiels, Belgium, 121.62%
Day 1 Winner; Paul Hart, England, 5.32kg
Day 2 Winner; Denis Cooreman, Belgium, 5.53k

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