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The European Federation of Sea Anglers consists of National Member Sections, each of whom become members of EFSA Headquarters (The International Body ). A National section may be formed by any European Country wishing to become a member; this section need not be the official national sea angling body of the country, but can be formed by any number of interested anglers. A minimum of three is necessary to form a section , although to have a delegate to Headquarters and voting rights a minimum of 10 members is necessary. Subject to the section adopting the rules of the Federation, it will be recognised as the sole EFSA section for that country.

Each section pays an HQ levy per individual member, and this payment gives individual section members all rights of membership. National sections may take clubs into their section, paying no fee to Headquarters for the club or its members, but these club members are only Associate members of EFSA and as such only qualify for certain rights and trophies. Whilst they can compete in Championships, they cannot win Gold, Silver or Bronze Pins - The Premier Awards - which are restricted to individual members. Clubs cannot take up direct membership of EFSA Headquarters.

Countries outside Europe may become Affiliated to EFSA by payment of an annual fee, currently fifty pounds, but their members only have the rights of Associate members.

Members of Affiliated countries, or European anglers who live in a country where no EFSA section exists, may become members directly with Headquarters by payment of the seven pound levy to HQ, and will enjoy the full individual rights as if they were a member of a section except that they have no voting rights.

The Federation functions through Standing Committee Meetings attended by National delegates, to whom a travel allowance is paid by Headquarters. Minutes of these meetings are circulated to all sections. One of these meetings and the Annual General Meeting are usually held in conjunction with the European Championships, other meetings normally being held in London.

Further details on membership, and other information may be obtained from -

Hon.Treasurer Arthur White, 14 Wadham Road, Liskeard, Cornwall, England, PL14 3BD Tel & Fax. 44 (0)1579 345428

Marcus Wuest 30 Dysart Avenue, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5RB, England, Tel: 00 44 7720448843, E-mail: efsa@btinternet.com

or from the Section Secretaries

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