Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain (2020 Review)

Working anywhere in the office involves only one factor, spending sitting on a chair an eight-hour in an office. The sitting position causes a lot of stress to the spine structure.

Therefore, to avoid these problems, it is necessary to have the best office chair for back pain relief that supports the spinal cord and promotes straight posture. As mentioned by ergonomic expert Peter Novak of, “If you’re like 80% of Americans, you also have this problem”. Her work with people on a daily basis and review office chairs for someone with back pain problems to help them to pick the right model.

There are many pieces of evidence to prove that sitting on a chair to too much time increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lower back pain. Many people having office job triggered the problems like numbness, joint pain, neck pain, spinal misalignment and herniated discs. People do not want to spend the money on just any chair if it can’t provide support.

Investing on the best ergonomic office chair of high quality would totally be worth it if it could improve your health and productivity in the office. There were many studies published in various papers affirming an increase in overall productivity with the use of ergonomic office chairs.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair Models With Lumbar Support

There are many types of ergonomic office chairs available, but choosing the right chair with correct adjustments and proper support is a big task. The following qualities are those that a chair must have: a seat pan with small, dense, foam padding; a curved backrest; soft armrests; a hydraulic seat with a height adjustment feature.

Office Chair Comparision Table

Image Model Price Rating

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller


Sayl Chair by Herman Miller


Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair


Herman Miller Embody Chair


SPACE Seating Breathable Mesh Black Back and Padded Mesh Seat


Best Ergonomic Office Chair Models With Lumbar Support

1. Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller Office Chair

Aeron Task Chair Most Comfortable Office Chairs

The Herman Miller has developed a chair that uplifts ergonomics to next level. Bill Stump and Don Chadwick designed this chair for Herman Miller, ad this was the first chair with woven seats and without foam cushion back.

The chair is based on an isomorphic principle of the body for utmost comfort. It helps in reduction of lower back pain and available in sizes A, B, and C.
The high technology construction uses mesh fiber, a patented material of Aeron that makes it different from other conventional chairs.

This ergonomic office chair is made in the USA, and measures 27.6 x 26.9 x 24 inches and weighs is 56.5 pounds. It is best suited for your posture even when you shift and change your position. The main feature is it adjusts to fit people doing all kinds of work. No other office chair except relieves back and neck pain the way this one does.

2. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller Office Chair

Herman Millar is a brand name known for producing the first and best ergonomic chair. Yves Behar had designed this chair with recyclable material and it comes in different variants.

The Golden Gate Bridge inspired Behar in his two main designs — the Y-Tower and the ArcSpan — both engineered to carry heavy load much like the Golden Gate.
The Y-Tower has its backbone supporting the stretch in the fabric. The ArcSpan chair has a unique suspension that protects the fabric from buckling and distorting.

The technologies used in Sayl’s Ergonomic chair are the 3D suspension for back molds.

The back is made of a flexible synthetic polymer that adapts each person shape and size. It is an eco-friendly material, lightweight and 93% recyclable. Its hollow structure reduces weight and volume. It does not have any adjustment feature like other ergonomic office chairs.

3. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

This chair is designed to fit any body shape and size. You do not need to fit your body to the chair, the chair will do the adjusting. The Live Back technology of the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is to support and mimic the spinal cord.

Its other features are: pneumatic seat adjustment, variable back, adjustable high-width, pivot- depth arms, lumbar support and sturdy fabric.
The main reason behind the discovery of Leap Chair is the spine movement difference of every person regardless of any similarities in size, gender and age.

It provides posture supports which upper back and the lower back require. This chair helps in the movement of the spine and reduces pressure on the spine, and facilitates sending oxygen to the muscles. Change in posture helps in comfort and attentiveness.

It has a weight of 48 pounds and mearues 24.8 x 27 x 43.5 inches. It is 94% recyclable. The only material used in its construction are human-friendly and the environment-friendly.

4. Herman Miller Embody Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain

If budget is not a concern, then there is no problem in getting the Herman Miller Embody Chair. This is the first chair made for the purpose of maintaining and even restoring health. The designer Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber designed this chair to support healthy sitting for hours.

Chair designers, engineers and physicians consulted each other to make an evolved chair that is best for prolonged sitting. This chair has no adjustment features and yet it has won the top awards from NeoCon, silver award for best technology.

The Embody seat and back are a constantly changing matrix of pixels that trigger the blood and oxygen flow in the body by reducing pressure. Embody keeps body posture natural, and keeps adjusting continuously to every motion you make. The main feature of this 52-pound chair is to reduce stress by lowering heart rate. The tilting technology provides three zones of support for thighs, sacrum bone and thorax.

5. SPACE Seating Breathable Mesh Black Back and Padded Mesh Seat

The Space Seating Breathable chair weighs 45 pounds and has dimensions of 25.8 x 27.2 x 46.2 inches. It is made with the lumbar support for a long hours of sitting in the office. It has a thick padded seat designed to fit for every human even big and small size. It also features a one-touch height adjustment pneumatic seat with ergonomic 2-to-1 tilt control technology and high angles adjustable arms.

This ergonomic office chair, or massage chair manufactured and distributed only in the USA, makes the sitter feel fresh with its breathable air grid system, while its black mesh padded seat strengthens the body structure.

This chair has the breathable eco leather seat with strong nylon base and wheel carpet caster for mobility. It is only available in black and comes with features you’d expect in an ergonomic chair. It can be used in both the office and home.


Can office chairs cause back pain?

Yes. It can, if lumbar support is missing or if office chair design is not optimal. You do not need to sacrifice all your comfort for health. The ergonomic office chair is a great invention and has many health benefits and also increases office work efficiency. The office chair has a simple but profound impact on the employees that they can actually increase their productivity.

The main optimization of the chair is reducing the aches and pains, provides good posture. This type of chair has provided comfort for a lot of desk bound employees.

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